Safety Toe

Safety Toe

Superior safety features, ready-to-wear, advanced technology, and extremely comfortable - these are some ways to describe Ariat men’s work boots. Our work boots and work shoes come in Western boot, lace-up boot and sneaker styles. Whether you work in construction, ranching, forestry, agriculture, or another on-your-feet-all-day job, we have the shoes to meet tough working demands.

Durable Tread

A durable outsole is critical on a quality work boot. The outsoles on our work boots are resistant to acids, oils, and slips. With a debris-release and flexible tread design, you are assured ongoing top performance. Available in Duratread™ and Vibram® outsoles, Ariat men’s work boots boast maximum wear resistance for years of use.

Cushioning & Stability

To keep you comfortable no matter the working conditions, our men’s work shoes boast optimal anti-foot fatigue features. Heel stabilizers, cooling panels, shock-absorbing EVA midsoles, and rebounding technology keep you moving comfortably. Your foot will stay stabilized and supported with our innovative footbed technologies, like our ATS® or 4LR™.

Toe Reinforcement & Waterproofing

The guy who needs heavy-duty work boots likely needs some extra protection too. Ariat men’s work shoes come in steel toe and composite toe reinforcement options. These forefoot protection features meet the highest safety requirements for impact and compression. Many of our work shoes are also waterproof, and feature Waterproof Pro™ or Gore-Tex® technology. These superior waterproofing protections are known for keeping your feet dry, while being breathable.

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  1. Safety Toe
    ARIAT MEN'S Big Rig Composite Toe Work Boot 10033966
    SKU: 10033966
    As low as $194.95
  2. Safety Toe
    Ariat Men's WorkHog XT VenTEK Bold CT Work Boots
    SKU: 10031507
    As low as $209.95
  3. Safety Toe
    ARIAT - Men's Rebar Wedge 6" Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot 10023068
    SKU: 10023068
    As low as $169.95
  4. Safety Toe
    Ariat 10031483 Mens Workhog Waterproof H2O XT Carbon Toe Boots Brown
    SKU: 10031483
    As low as $219.95
  5. Safety Toe
    ARIAT Men's: Work - Endeavor H2O 6" Lace Up Comp toe
    SKU: 10031591
    As low as $168.71
  6. Safety Toe
    WorkHog XT Coil Wide Square Toe Carbon Toe Work Boot - Ariat
    SKU: 10029513
    As low as $189.95
  7. Safety Toe
    WorkHog Wide Square Toe Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot
    SKU: 10017420
    As low as $209.95
  8. Safety Toe
    Edge LTE Chukka Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot
    SKU: 10024953
    As low as $159.95
  9. Safety Toe
    Ariat Men's Workhog Composite Toe Met Guard Work Boots
    SKU: 10016263
    As low as $219.95
  10. Safety Toe
    OverDrive Wide Square Toe Composite Toe Work Boot - ALAMO BROWN
    SKU: 10011933
    As low as $189.95
  11. Safety Toe
    Groundbreaker 6" II Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot
    SKU: 10026147
    As low as $149.95
  12. Safety Toe
    WorkHog XT Firebird Carbon Toe Work Boot
    SKU: 10024960
    As low as $169.95
  13. Safety Toe
    Intrepid VentTEK Composite Toe Work Boot
    SKU: 10020072
    As low as $169.95
  14. Safety Toe
    ARIAT - Mens - WorkHog 8" Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot
    SKU: 10011943
    As low as $189.95
  15. Safety Toe
    WorkHog Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot
    SKU: 10008635
    As low as $209.95
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